Roof Replacement

These days, many home and business owners in the Chicago area are asking the all-important question and that is whether they need a Chicago roof replacement or not. We understand how you might not be quite sure one way or the other, so we’ve put together a few facts to help you determine your specific situation when it comes to your roof, whether commercial or residential.



As soon as we complete a roof inspection, that is what most business owners want to know. Due to the fact that the majority of owners of commercial buildings rarely take the all-important step of examining their roofs regularly, often the very first sign that they might be in need of a Chicago roof replacement could be a leaky roof. And, let’s face it, doing business with a leaky roof can be quite challenging, not to mention the possible water damage to the structure, fixtures, and even merchandise.

It often doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a huge hole where you can see the sky. A small leak caused by minimal flashing issues when your roof is sound otherwise could mean that it's in serious need of repairs. On the other hand, if roof leaks are caused by age-related deterioration, then yes, you do need to replace your roof. So, your first step should be to call us at Champion Roofing. We will explain to you all of the benefits of a wide range of materials that are perfect for all kinds of commercial buildings.


In addition, older roofs may require roof replacement even if they don’t show any signs of leaks yet, but only show warning signs of possible failure. That’s why it is crucial that all owners of commercial buildings are aware of the signs that a deteriorating roof will exhibit even prior to any leaks occurring. So, whether you are just keeping an eye on the condition of your current commercial building's roof or looking at one that you might be planning to purchase, examining the roof is a must.



It is our recommendation that, once you have moved into your new home, you check the roof yearly or more often for any issues. You can do this from ground level just by walking around your home and looking up at the roof for imminent problems. Contact us for an annual roof check-up.

We can also help by providing maintenance of your roof to better facilitate its upkeep, as well as replacement of damaged shingles and removal of any obtrusive branches or debris close to the roof. Doing all of this regularly could help you to avoid having to resort to complete Chicago roof replacement.


When we perform a home inspection, we will examine your roof by walking on it and taking pictures of the overall condition. We will then estimate your roof’s age, additional life estimate, and overall condition. At the same time, we will also be scanning your ceilings to look for any accumulation of moisture resulting from any roof leaks that may not have become visible yet but could necessitate a Chicago roof replacement. We can promise you that, when you call us, we will provide a free estimate and, when we do the job, you can also count on a full warranty ranging from 25 to 40 years, depending upon the material used. So, call us today at Champion Roofing for your free inspection and free Chicago roof replacement estimate. Don't wait for the leaks to start before you act.